How to Heal Boo Boo’s of All Shapes and Sizes

If your skin gets roughed up, cut up or scraped up, Bactine’s healing how-to’s have got you covered. Learn how to treat minor cuts, scrapes and burns, plus so much more.   

  1. Wash your hands so you don’t make it worse.
  2. Stop the bleeding – most minor cuts and scrapes generally stop bleeding on their own – however you can apply gentle, direct pressure with a clean cloth or gauze or elevate the wound until bleeding stops.
  3. Cleanse the cut or scrape to remove any dirt or debris and help prevent bacterial contamination and skin infection.
  4. Maintain a moist wound environment to speed healing and decrease the probability of scarring (See Why is keeping a skin injury moist best? below).
  5. Cover the wound to protect it from dirt and germs.
  6. Watch for signs of infection – Monitor the wound for signs of infection, which can include redness, swelling, increased pain, pus or drainage from the cut.
Bactine® MAX can help:
  1. Rinse the burn with cool water as soon as possible to prevent the skin from continuing to burn. Do this until the pain subsides.
  2. Cleanse the burn to prevent bacterial contamination and skin infection.
  3. Protect the burn from external contaminants and ensure the wound does not get infected.
  4. Cover the burn to prevent dirt and germs from reaching the wound.
  5. Do not break any blisters that form, as they help to protect the skin as it heals.
Bactine® MAX can help:
  1. Wash your hands so you don’t make it worse.
  2. Remove the splinter/foreign object – Sterilize a pair of tweezers with alcohol or clean with soap and water and gently pull out the object. A magnifying glass may help you see better. If the object is deeply embedded in your skin, carefully loosen the skin around the splinter with a sterile needle, then use the tweezers to remove it.
  3. Prevent Infection – Use Bactine® MAX First Aid Antiseptic Wound Wash or Bactine® MAX Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray or Liquid to clean the area where the object was removed and to prevent bacterial contamination and skin infection.
  1. Get out of the sun immediately – Stop exposure at the first signs of sunburn.
  2. Cool the skin – Use cold compresses or take a short cold shower to cool the skin.
  3. Relieve the pain – Use Bactine® Max Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray or Liquid for temporary relief of pain and itching that is associated with minor sunburn.
  4. Moisturize – Apply a moisturizing lotion to hydrate the skin and prevent excessive drying from occurring. Don’t use petroleum jelly or butter because they can prevent or delay healing.
An anesthetic is a medicine that helps reduce pain by numbing the skin. Bactine® MAX Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray and Liquid includes Lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic that helps to relieve the pain and itching associated with minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
There are four stages in the wound-healing process:
  1. Bleeding stops – Blood starts to naturally clot, stopping the bleeding and preventing blood loss.
  2. Scabbing – The scab begins to form as the blood clots and starts to bind. Some inflammation may occur, which means that the white blood cells are working to fight infection and repair the affected area. The scab serves as a protective coating against contamination as the wound heals underneath. Bactine™ MAX Advanced Healing + Scar Defense Hydrogel promotes the disappearance of damaged tissue, reducing the chances of scarring.
  3. Skin Rebuilding – Blood cells arrive to provide oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, and collagen starts forming to create the foundation for the new tissue. Scars may start developing at this stage.
  4. Strengthening – The skin in the affected area might become pink and stretched, and some itching may occur as the replacement tissue settles in. Once the process is over (which can take anywhere from a few days to even years), the affected area’s skin should be as strong as it was previously.
Scars are formed during the wound-healing process when the skin starts to rebuild, and collagen starts to form. How to prevent scars?
  1. Keep cuts and scrapes clean and protected from bacterial contamination – This will prevent infection and shorten the inflammation period.
  2. Do not pick or scratch on the scab, as this may cause additional bleeding and inflammation and may contaminate the wound.
  3. Cover the wound to protect it from external contamination.
  4. Maintain a moist environment in the wound to reduce the likelihood of scabs and scars.
Bactine® MAX can help: To help prevent bacterial contamination, use Bactine® MAX First Aid Antiseptic Wound Wash and Bactine® Max Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray or Liquid. Bactine® Max Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray or Liquid also relieves itching as the skin injury heals. Bactine™ MAX Advanced Healing + Scar Defense Hydrogel helps the skin heal properly, so scar tissue doesn’t form in the first place and promotes the disappearance of damaged tissue to reduce the chances of scarring.
Scientific research has shown that maintaining a moist environment is best suitable for wound healing. The reasons for that include:
  1. The body uses fewer resources to heal a moist wound – It takes time and energy for the body to create a scab (required to protect the injury). Additional energy is also needed to break down the scab after the wound has healed. In a moist environment, the body can focus more on healing the wound rather than protecting it.
  2. Keratinocyte cells can work more effectively in moist wound environments – Keratinocyte cells are cells located in the epidermis (skin). They are essential in the wound-healing process. Studies have shown that these cells work best in a moist environment.
  3. Decreases the probability of inflammation and scarring – Studies have shown that moist wounds reduce the likelihood of inflammation and have shown a correlation between inflammation and scarring, the less inflammation a wound exhibits, the less the possibility of scarring.
Bactine® MAX can help: Bactine™ MAX Advanced Healing + Scar Defense Hydrogel‘s unique hydrogel technology speeds healing by providing an invisible moisture barrier that accelerates healthy cell growth. There is no need for a bandage when you use this formula, as the hydrogel provides a protective coating against germs.